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Welcome to our process - here's what you can expect

Updated: Mar 19

Meet your service Advisor/ Detailer - TAVIS W.

I have 5+ years in the ceramic coating business, as an installer- Servicing over 1,000 clients in different & specific aspects that I need to provide you with a quality experience and professional results.

The Service Advisory Process

Outline of the different ceramic coating LINGO and
talking points for the rest of the process 

Ceramic coating - a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to vehicle paint (glass, wheel, or leather). The vehicle can be a new vehicle or a vehicle that has been prepped & corrected. The coating chemically bonds to the surface creating a semi-permanent layer of paint protection.

paint correction

9h hard vs Top Coat-

  • 9H coatings are crystalized and hardening polymers that bond to ceramic paint creating

  • Top coat- is a more temporary layer that "lays" on top of a coating or paint acting as an extremely durable UV protectant and Hydrophobic Ceramic-based Sealant.

Duration and its connection to "hardness"

In our current lineup, the following ARE NOT - 9-H hard options:

  • Wax

  • Ceramic- Based Sealants ( 1 year )

  • 2 Year Ceramic coatings

In our current lineup, the following ARE - 9-H hard options:

  • 3-5 years + Coatings


Recap necessary details regarding the account (i.e. vehicle make/ model/ color, offer details that brought you in, and where we're at in the process.)

Have a layout of 3 options and front of you - focusing on outcome.

THE MIDDLE OPTION: best fit for key concerns/ solutions based on the information provided - I present this option as the base that covers all quality and protection concerns. If we customize a package I typically use this package to add, delete, and modify special requests.

Example options

Option 1 - New vehicle decon prep, spot polish, and up to 2-year coating + offer

Option 2 - One-step polish with prep, top coat- 2 years + Offer

Option 3 - 3/5 year full process + 2- 3-5 year + offer

Ask to place a deposit and order materials and put in a tentative/ prioritized date based on

the account the service they choose.

Let them know that they will receive a call when the order is in and/or we have the best date




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