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Not sure when, how, or what kind of detailing service your vehicle needs? Take a look at what  our most frequently ask questions have been these passed 5 years. 

What is detailing?

Detailing is the process of doing a deep clean on your vehicles interior and exterior surfaces . It can range from a simple Hand wash for newer maintained vehicles to a Full detail cleaning for older vehicles.

When should i get my car detailed?

This all depends on your level of care, some customers enjoy having their vehicles maintained on a monthly or even a biweekly schedule ( ask about our Maintenance program ). Others are set up on a quarterly schedule for our more detailed package. We suggest to have your vehicle detailed and paint protected at minimum every 2-3 months.

What is the difference between BUFF and Wax?

This a very commonly used term . The difference between a buff and a wax is huge. A "BUFF" is typically a  machine polish on your vehicles paint, its purpose is to remove defects on your vehicles clear coat that affect the clarity, color and shine of your vehicles paint. 

A wax is a form of paint protection that is applied to the vehicles clearcoat after a buff to protect the paint from staining, fading, and oxidizing due to the sun and other elements.

Can scratches be removed from the paint?

 Scratches for the most part can be removed, biggest factor in scratch removal is the depth of the scratch on the paint. The depth determines whether the scratch needs to be wet sanded or just machine polished. 

The general rule of thumb to determine if a scratch is removable is  if you run your finger nail through the scratch and it grips into the scratch, its most likely to deep into the paint and clearcoat.

Why is there a price range per packages?

Our 3 predesigned  packages are created to suit your vehicles needs. The price range really comes down to the conditions and time required.


For example  a 2020 BMW M3  that only gets driven on weekends, single passenger, no kids, and is regularly washed, interested in our MINI Detail package would take approximately 3 hours. Verses, the same car however it is driven daily for 30+ miles, through rain, construction sites  etc... often carrying multiple passengers and doesn't get washed regularly. Our MINI DETAIL package, would possibly take between 4-6 hours. Same package however one need more attention so the two would not pay the same price.

How do I know what price range my vehicle will be?

Pricing without actually seeing the vehicle can always be tricky, we try to provide the best possible results within the package you've chosen. Our service provider/advisor will be sure to let you know once they are onsite whether your vehicle needs any extra service not included in the package.

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