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1955 Truimph Tr2

Buford, Ga

1955 Truimp TR 2 recieves paint correction and Ceramic Coating

We love when the projects have a sentimental reason behind them! In this case the client restored his father original 1955 Truimph Tr2.  Literally from the frame up, after the body shop took care of bringing this vehicle body back to life, we were called in to perfect in detail the small imperfections in the paint. Vehicle paint was meticulously inspected with a spotlight. Our team performed a two step paint correction along with a few wet sanding areas.  We finalized the paint with layering a coat of a 2 year ceramic to protect the paint! The following day we performed a last inspection in the sunlight, along with a light hand polish on the chrome wire spokes !

More pictures coming soon 

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