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Professional Mobile Detailing Services
In Lawrenceville, GA & Surrounding Cities
Developed through dedication & experience
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We offer top quality auto detailing,

without sacrificing convenience

Our services range from, reviving a vehicle with a full detail to a maintenance wash (recommended monthly)

Your car's surfaces need care & maintenance.

Avoid the whipping brushes, acid-etching chemicals, and mineral deposits from a car wash or automated system (creating swirls and so much more). Instead protect your paint and surfaces with the ShineAddictz Team. Every step in the process of restoring and protecting your vehicle is done with precision and purpose. Not only do we use top of the line products, but the water we use is   filtered. 



Deep Gloss

Dirt & Contaminant 


Swirl | Scratch Resistance 


Protection against:

UV Rays,

Oxidation &

chemical causing stains

Long lasting


Have you ever really looked at your car's paint when the sun shines on it or at night when the bright gas station lights illuminate every thing?

Most likely even a brand new... straight out of the lot... vehicle has some level of swirls & imperfections.


This causes your paint to appear dull, oxidized or hazy because all these imperfections reflect light off in various directions, therefore detracting from a true and proper, clean, sharp, reflection. 

View Our Paint correction page to understand :

1- what causes these imperfections

 2- how our Shine Addictz Team properly remove these imperfections and correct your paint to shine brilliantly

 3- & how to protect it. 

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