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This package is a very intensive Exterior only detail . It is designed for those of you out there that really want to see 

their vehicles brought back to better than the day you bought it. This package typically takes about 4-7 hours.

 Heres what is included :


  • Wheels are cleaned to detail, with a mixture of acid, iron cleaner (inner barrels, spokes, center hubs.)

  • Tires degreased & scrubbed. (Lathered in water based tire shine , no sling or mess )

  • Vehicle receives a thorough detailed cleaning ( In between grille, lights, rocker panels etc) with our premium snow foam soap. 

  • Paint is decontaminated of iron , sap , along with other contaminates that may have bonded to the vehicles clearcoat. Via claybar , claymitt and a chemical cleaner.

  • Vehicles rubber & plastic  trim pieces get cleaned & masked with tape , to insure our polishers dont damage the trim pieces.

  • Vehicles paint receives a mid-light polish using different types of pads and polish combinations. Depending on the condition and type of paint your vehicle has. This polsih will remove about 50-85 percent of swirls , scratches & really bring back the vehicles gloss to another level !

  • Ceramic paint sealant is applied to the vehicles freshly polished paint , for up toward 12 months of paint protection. 

Final vehicle inspection is performed before you recieve the completion text ! Check out some of our work below.


Lets get you polished !

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Lets get you shining!