paint correction

What exactly is PAINT CORRECTION ?

Paint correction is the art of taking a vehicles paint and correcting it to our clients expectations. Many times it is confused as a "buffing job". In technical terms it is leveling your paints clear coat in a microscopic level. In simplier words , paints defects such as scratches, swirls, water marks, paint oxidation etc. are all indentures in your clear coat. So when light hits your clearcoat the uneven surfaces doesnt bounce the light back evenly creating less reflection and gloss.








The process is a long and timely process and it goes as follows. 


  • Vehicles paint is washed thoroughly 

  • Paint recieves a iron decontamination

  • All surfaces receive a light to hard clay bar (Removes embedded contaminates)


  • Vehicle is pulled into shop and spot lights are set up

  • 1 st pass is a hard cutting (cut down into the clear cut to level defects) 

            - Depending on paint condition ,clear coat thickness & hardness along with client expectation determines​ how many times this process is repeated.

  • 2nd step is a refining step, to remove haze and small scratches from "buff" along with bringing back some gloss and depth

  • 3rd step is a finishing polish step to really refine the paint and give it that show car finish. 

  • Final step is applying some sort of paint protection wether its wax , sealant or a premium ceramic coating.

one step paint correction: a one step paint correction will remove from 60%-80% of paint defects. 
multiple step paint correction: will remove between 80-99% of efects.
pricing depends on type of vehicle and color and paints condition.


Here at ShineAddictz we strive to provide quality professional services. Serving our clients premium luxury car care, to ensure your investment stays in pristine conditions. We guarantee satisfaction before leaving every service.

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