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-Paul Walker (the fast & the furious)

Welcome to ShineAddictz PREMIUM MOBILE DETAILING. Like many, my passion for cars arose from the famous FAST & THE FURIOUS. From then on my passion turned into all things with a motor & wheels. 

My first car was a Mazda6, clear coat was peeling off, paint was fading, &  calipers were rusted. I knew the beauty was there, and that's where it all began. Not knowing much at the time I went to the "car guy" at Autozone who told me to hand polish it said it would bring back the gloss. Man... was that nicest most mediocre shine I had ever seen, the clear coat was still dull and missing but my paint was shiny.

Needless to say, that car started the ball rolling into what is our company today. 

SHINEADDICTZ, for the ones who love to look back and see their car shining. For the ones who feel their car drives smoother when it's clean.

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