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Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer serum that is applied to different surfaces of your vehicle from the paint to wheels to leather. Typically applied by hand or airbrush, it blends with the surface and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Due to this chemical bond the surface remains untouched from elements such as bird droppings, acid rain , etc.  The o ceramic coatings main purpose is to be a sacrificial layer to your vehicles clearcoat. 

The additional layer of ceramic coating to the paint of a vehicle , brings a level of gloss and smoothness UNMATCHED by no other paint protection. Making cleaning your vehicles a breeze !

DISCLAIMER : A coating doesnt protect from rock chips, major scratches,door dings . 



Hardness: This 9h ceramic coating is resistant to chemicals ranging from 2ph-12ph , because of its high density it makes contaminates such as tree sap , bird poop and road debree a breeze to remove! 

DurabilityAlong with hardness,ceramic coatings durability outlast any wax, paint sealants or sprays in the market. Gtechniq offers from 3 years , to 5 years to a 9 yr coating ! 

ProtectionA ceramic coating offers incomparable protection against everyday paint contaminates. A coating insure your cars paint is always protected for a safe amount time before bird poop, water marks or fading can occur. 



Pricing varies on many variables , in example the paints conditions , size of vehicle, make and model to name a few.


We offer ONSITE ceramic coating application for your convenience and vehicles safety.

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